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Meet Reggie the Hedgehog

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Reggie is a hedgehog with a big heart who finds himself struggling because of scary memories from his past. With the help of a caring teacher, he learns to be resilient with tools he didn't know he had all along. Join Reggie as he finds hope and strength through his journey of coping.

¡También disponible en español!

What Readers are Saying

"Reggie is a wonderfully visual and accurate representation of the trauma response as well as a relatable character. His story is written in a way that is easy for children and parents to understand and have their feelings validated. I especially value the concrete skills that are suggested, which can be easily utilized by someone who has experienced trauma, or just to generally learn to cope with feelings. It is useful as a tool for a therapist’s “toolbox” as well as a nice book to have as a parent to help kids normalize and cope with feelings."

Amy Greskiw, MA, LCPC

"This is a great therapeutic book for children that discusses what happens when they hold their emotions inside and that they can feel better by talking to other people about what they are feeling. Reggie's negative experience can be relatable to children who are coping with any number of traumatic or negative events. This book is appropriate for both professionals and laypeople working with children who have experienced these events."

Dennis A. Frank, II Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Chair
Department of Counselor Education
Roosevelt University

"As a trauma therapist, I am always looking for high quality tools to use with children, and McKenzie's book is a needed resource. This book is perfect for a wide range of client experiences and incorporates many elements of therapy (identifying feelings, normalizing trauma experiences, healthy coping skills, and more). As a parent, this book is engaging and fun to read and is a great jumping off point for more conversations together on emotions, triggers, and healthy coping."

Emily Kalinowski, LCSW

"Everyone faces adversity at some point in their lives. Reggie the Hedgehog helps kids find hope and resilience during difficult times of doubt and frustration. Positive and affirming messages teach important lessons about safety, self-care and the ability to trust others. Beautifully written and illustrated, Reggie's story truly comes from the heart, and is one sure to resonate with readers of all ages."

Amy Recob, author of The BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies and The BugyBops: Friends for All Time

"In my line of work I see firsthand the effects of trauma and the importance of disclosure and sharing.  This book sheds light on the importance of children recognizing that they are not alone in their journey. It creates a sense of  security knowing  that their feelings are normal and that they are able to work through their pain.


Restoring their mental health and bringing awareness to the fact that all of us need someone to talk to every now and then is powerful. This book captures that head-on!  It will make a difference in many children’s lives. I can’t wait to share it with our staff and the families we serve."

Carrie Flanigan, Executive Director, Lake Country Children's Advocacy Center

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